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Handmade sandals, leather sandals, luxury sandals for women with unique style inspired from the greek islands. Discover Greece from our handmade creations!

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Women's sandals, Greek leather sandals

Ancient Greek women's handmade sandals that will make you look & feel as a goddess!

With love and respect in Greek tradition and craftsmanship, we at Greek Fashion Box create luxury sandals for women that enhance the female beauty. Greek designers dress the woman with unique handmade products in appearance and design, an offer to her beauty and charm.

Women's sandals
Summer sandals 2023

Greek sandals, ancient Greek leather sandals, the best women's summer sandals in the most beautiful, fashionable summer motifs, with unique, timeless style always in fashion, because you create the fashion sandals!

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Discover our handmade leather luxury sandals and live your summer in style

Our leather sandals are made of genuine high quality leather and prime quality stones, lace and decorative materials. In Greek collections of women's sandals you will find the style you like. Sandals for ladies in modern or classic designs, flat sandals, lace sandals, ankle wrap sandals, slide sandals, gladiator sandals, beaded sandals with stones, laces, rhinestones, knitted flowers and ribbons, laces of unique appearance and charm, that embellish those pretty summer shoes. Wearing the Greek Fashion Box sandals you will live and enjoy every moment as if you were the queen of summer!

Ancient Greek sandals, leather sandals for women, the fashion summer sandals

Handmade female sandals inspired by the Greek islands, the Greek summer

Ancient Greek sandals, summer sandals for women, inspired by the Greek islands and the unique Greek summer will adorn your feet with unique original creations. Wear the leather sandals of the Greek Handmade Box, feel the sun and the sea caress your feet, see the colors play at your every step. Leave behind you the irresistible charm and attraction of a true modern goddess!

Women's sandals - luxury leather sandals

sandals hand made with love

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Greek Fashion founder and stylist, Greek designer style in handmade sandals and accessories, Anna Maria from Santorini of Greek Fashion Box

I am Anna Maria from Santorini, a next door working woman, a princess tales of my life, queen in the heart of my loved ones. I am a woman without age, a blessed daughter, a granddaughter, a mother, a grandmother, a tough fighter in life, sensitive and emotional to my loved ones. I am driven by my heart and my dreams, I am free as the wind, I wear chains only for the people I love and appreciate. I love beauty and I want to make the world a beautiful place to live. I always want to be beautiful, always positive, always in love. I'm just a Woman, I may be you and I want to share with you the beautiful fashion accessories that will decorate you as a princess, want to share with you my country and everything I love! >>>>>

Anna Maria

Greek Fashion Stylist

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