Ancient greek sandals, Gladiator sandals tie-up, Colorful sandals “Oia Sunset”


Ancient Greek sandals with tie-up cords, women’s sandals gladiator “Oia Sunset”, handmade in Greece. Women’s leather sandals with long cords, colorful sandals decorated with lace in the colors of Oia’s sunset from where they are named after, are sandals of unique elegance that highlight feminine beauty.

The luxury Greek sandals “Oia Sunset”, with genuine leather in natural color, decorated in a feast of colors, make your summer appearance special and unique. The chic beauty of the gladiator sandals can not go unnoticed in your wake. Boho chic sandals,  classical ancient sandals crafted in an impressive design, give you a cosmopolitan air and a bohemian mood to enjoy all your summer moments with passion.

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Gladiator Sandals, Colorful sandals, Women ancient greek sandals “Oia Sunset”

Ancient Greek sandals, gladiator sandals with long cords that fasten up to the knee, a design that adorned the legs of the Gods in ancient greek mythology, dressed with an impressive colorful lace to flatter confident and secure female legs.

The leather sandals “Oia Sunset” are impressive sandals for women handmade by Greek designers and craftsmen who strive to enhance and praise the beauty of women, will attract attention and admiration wherever your summer steps may carry you. In the city or in the countryside, coupled with jeans or the most revealing dresses, luxury sandals “Oia Sunset” will steal the show!

Ancient sandals, gladiator sandals from the “Santorini” Women Collection – Features

  • Sandals style: Slip on sandals, Slides sandals, Toe Ring sandals
  • Sandals leather: Vachetta leather, Sole RUBBER
  • Sandal leather color: Natural (the color of vachetta may change from batch to batch, lighter or darker)
  • Sandals decorative lace: Sandals decorated with colorful lace in striking shades of red, orange, blue, green, wrapped in distinctive pale gold, that gives them a tone of luxury. Note that colors may not be exactly the same, but they will be in the same range of shades as you can see in the photos.
  • Cord of sandals: Leather cords in natural color
  • Sandalwood cord measures: 5m
  • Sandals collectionSantorini sandals

Greek sandals, Gladiator sandals, Open toe, inspired by the sunset of Oia

The Greek handmade, ancient greek women sandals of collection Santorini sandals are inspired by the well known SUNSET of OIA in Santorini.
Early in the morning, as you descend to the steps leading you down to Ammoudi, Oia’s fishing harbor, you will see people behind easels trying to depict on canvas the rare beauty of the landscape. And in the late afternoon, thousands of people sitting on white stone walls and terraces are waiting to see the sun set. The remains of the castle of Agios Nikolaos, and the church yards are covered to capacity as people, standing shoulder to shoulder, watching with awe the magical sky canvas change colors every moment. The sun paints the clouds with a feast of colors that no human hand can draw. In a dreamlike scenery, the large orange sun descends slowly in front of your eyes until it sinks into the sea to let the moon take his place.

And when the sun sets, you stay there, unable to believe the unimaginable beauty unfolding infront of your own eyes, a magical experience that does not leave you untouched. Tourists from around the world visit Oia to enjoy this view that has been printed in thousands of postcards causing you to need to visit it, making you wonder if it really exists. Tourists from around the world visit Oia to enjoy this view that has been printed in thousands of postcards causing you to need to visit it, making you wonder if it really exists. And after you have experienced it, you are filed with the unprecedented beauty of God’s creation and the millions of colors cascading upon you. You are above everything, your feet are no longer touching the ground, your soul is united with divine beauty, feelings are running wild inside you.

Oia’s sunset is intoxicating, like a heady Santorini sweet red wine, that you can never forget it. A romantic, erotic sunset, moments you want to live them to their fullest, share them, enjoy them over and over again. There, sitting on the white Cycladic terraces, in the most romantic corner of the island..

Colorful sandals in the colors of the sun, make you look like a goddess!

If you want to go unnoticed, do not buy boho chic “Oia Sunset” summer sandals, simply because those sandals with their long leather cords, fine design and striking colors provoke attention wherever you go. Oia Sunset sandals are made for erotic, passionate, seductive women!

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