Ankle wrap sandals, Lace sandals, Colorful sandals, Greek leather sandals “Chania”

Greek handmade sandals of genuine leather, chic sandals decorated with elegant lace, “Chania” colorful sandals are your first choice of flat summer shoes. Women’s sandals decorated with beautiful, luxury embroidered lace in romantic summer colors, combined with threads in shades of gold, will give femininity, luxury and shine to your feet.

Ankle wrap sandals ideal for your summer outings, can replace all summer shoes in every occasion, giving color and style to your simplest or monochrome dress. Undoubtedly, Chania sandals are the most chic colorful sandals, the most romantic and trendy summer shoes, a jewel you will be wearing on your feet.

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Ankle wrap sandals, elegant sandals, strappy sandals, luxury women sandals “Chania”

Handmade elegant sandals made in Greece using premium quality leather, the luxury women’s sandals “Chania” will impress everybody with their beautiful colors! Ladies colorful leather sandals “Chania” strappy sandals decorated in summer colors, with lace embroidered with golden beads from the light to dark gold, accentuate your feet with discreet luxury and make your presence unforgettable.

Ladies sandals “Chania”, ankle wrap sandals made of natural leather impress with the romantic colors in the shades of turquoise, pink and gold, like the colorful houses in the harbor of Chania bathing in the setting sun, from where our handmade Greek sandals are named after.

The discreet dressing of the leather straps that hold the wrist and ankle with a golden trend-net, will assure that your appearance will not go unnoticed, no matter what clothes you deside to wear.

Colorful sandals “Chania” from our ladies sandals collection “Crete”- Features

  • Sandals style: Flat sandals, Ankle wrap sandals, Strappy sandals
  • Sandals leather: Vachetta leather, Sole RUBBER
  • Sandal leather color: Natural (the color of vachetta may change from batch to batch, lighter or darker)
  • Sandals decoration: Sandals decorative with colorful lace in shades of blue, turquoise, pink, purple and gold.
  • Ankle strap lace stripe: Decorated with sparse tread – net in gold color.
  • Sandals collectionCrete sandals

Flat women’s sandals, Ankle wrap sandals, handmade sandals inspired by Chania

The colorful handmade sandals of greek collection with sandals Crete, took their name from the beautiful city of Chania in Crete. CHANIA, perhaps the most scenic city in Crete, will grow inside you, steal your heart at first glance. Chania, bordered by the sea and with many beautiful beaches, is surrounded by small fertile plains, high mountains and deep canyons.

The old town of chania with its narrow stone paved streets, surrounded by a Venetian built fortress, hides a surprise in every strait, every outing becomes a unique experience. The old town stands up and impresses. It ends into the Venetian harbor with the lighthouse, imposing and magnificent as if it came out of postcard. It will surely be the background for the most of your summer photos.

Every day you will be tempted to visit the harbor of Chania. It is simply enchanting with its beauty and colors. The sun shines over the colorful buildings, favoring them with unique colors, making the picturesque scenery incredibly exciting.

Experience the charm of the long history of Chania in your wanderings through the monuments of Venetian and Turkish times, enjoy unique romantic walks in the streets of the city and the picturesque harbor, taste cretan specialties in the many restaurants and taverns, feel the genuine cretan raki burn your throat under the sounds of the unique cretan lyre, have fun, live in a genuine Cretan mood. Whatever you do, Chania will consume you, you will not be able to leave.

Greek women’s sandals that will make your passage unforgettable

Greek Fashion Box handmade greek sandals “Chania” of collection Crete are sandals made for you, the woman that knows how to be different, making your presence unforgettable. Simply because Chania sandals match all your clothes, making you unforgetable!

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