Elegant sandals, Toe ring sandals, Leather flat sandals, Lace sandals “Knossos”

Greek sandals “Knossos” are women’s leather sandals of natural leather, decorated with beautiful and elegant lace. “Knossos” summer sandals, flat Toe ring sandals of prime quality leather, fascinate at every step.

‘Knossos’ leather sandals, inspired by the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos, covered with fine transparent lace that permits leather to stand out, elegantly decorated with tinsels in earthy colors and gold threads tied with light blue, gold and silver, with toe ring decorated with a gold mesh, are women’s sandals that impress with their discreet luxury design.

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Toe Ring sandals, Slide sandals, Elegant sandals with lace “Knossos”

Women’s sandals with genuine leather, handmade greek sandals. “Knossos” flat sandals are ideal summer sandals for women with fine beauty and elegance, who want their outfit to stand out.

Knossos sandals, decorated with luxurious lace, are the perfect sandals for all summer hours. They mix well with modern and classic clothes, giving a touch of luxury even in the simplest garment. Charming and absolutely feminine sandals, for the woman who does not follow but makes fashion!

Greek Sandals “Knossos” from the women’s Collection “Crete” – Features

  • Sandals style: Slip on sandals, Slides sandals, Toe Ring sandals
  • Sandals leather: Vachetta leather, Sole RUBBER
  • Sandal leather color: Natural (the color of vachetta may change from batch to batch, lighter or darker)
  • Lace sandals: Excellent quality lace, in transparent brown color, embroidered in shades of earth, light blue, pink and purple, with sequins in shades of gold and silver, wooven in gold and silver threads.
  • Toe ring decoration: Toe ring decorated with a mesh in golden color that the leather stand out.
  • Sandals collectionCrete sandals

Women’s elegant sandals, with a touch of glorious antiquity, fit for a queen

KNOSSOS, from which the sandals are named after, was in antiquity the most important city of Crete and the center of the Minoan civilization, the first brilliant European civilization.

The palace that housed the royal Minoan family came to light in 1900 and is one of the most important archaeological sites of Crete and Greece. The Minoan palace, apart from the throne room and the royal rooms, had accommodations for craftsmen, courtyards,a theater, ceremonial rooms, and other luxurious spaces. Impressive frescoes and earthen wares were discovered inside the impressive palace, making the site the symbol of the entire Minoan civilization. According to mythology, the palace of Knossos is linked to the Labyrinth were the mythological monster Minotaur lived in.

Knossos was destroyed in 1450 BC by the tsunami created by the volcanic eruption of Santorini. The impressive archeological finds of the palace inspired the creation of a virtual representation of the palace that travels all over the world.

Sandals that dress with charm and luxury your feet

With Greek Fashion Box “Knossos” sandals, your feet dress with luxurious elegance, modern beauty that blends with the classic charm of the old. With the sandals Knossos, you are beautiful and you know it, you put them on and walk like a queen!

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