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Flat leather sandals, the must have sandals for summer vacations

I love holidays and trips to warm places by the sea, as well as the coolness of the mountain villages during the summer. Getting away from everyday life is a small dream. Sleeping with the sound of the waves splashing at the beach in your ears, swimming in clear waters, drinking your cocktail by a swimming pool and strolling along the scenic cobblestone streets of the Greek islands, is a great blessing and a touch of luck.

Surely the suitcase of the holiday will include everything necessary for your excursions. At least 1-2 swimsuits, cool dresses for the beach, cute and elegant dresses for your evening wander, a hat and plenty of sunscreen. But to enjoy your vacation with comfort, you need flat sandals, ideal summer holiday shoes that will make your travels and walks easy.

Flat sandals, the ideal summer sandals, flat leather sandals a must-have to buy for vacations, flat women's sandals for holidays, Sequin sandals "Red Beach" Santorini
Flat leather summer sandals ideal for vacations – Sequin sandals – Greek sandals “Red Beach” Santorini

9 reasons to buy flat leather sandals for your vacations

1. Flat leather sandals leave your feet cool without slipping on the cobbled streets or on the beach under the hot sun.
2. Leather sandals get a distinctive, beautiful smell as they age that exudes quality and class.
3. Low heel sandals are small and thin shoes that are easily carried inside your suitcase without adding any weight.
4. If you buy good-quality leather sandals with a nice decoration you will wear them all day, from morning to midnight, and anywhere, from the sandy beach to the most cosmopolitan bar or restaurant.
5. Choose modern, elegant sandals, not to sacrifice elegance for comfort. Holidays are not just relaxation, they are also fun and style!
6. Flat women’s sandals are anything but boring. With a vast variety of beaded sandals with stones, beads, lace and laces you will make your outfit stunning.
7. To stand out on your vacation, buy handmade leather sandals in unique original designs with discreet luxury, and you will know that it will be impossible to meet a woman wearing a similar pair!
8. You can wear your leather sandals with all your clothes and still be in style. Because these magical summer shoes blend perfectly with your swimsuit as well as with your stylish dress you wear on a boat ride in the night.
9. Flat leather sandals are not just your vacation favorites. They follow your steps in the city during the summer days, decorate your outfit at your work or your promenade, you walk in comfort and confidence.

Leather women’s sandals, the most important purchace for your summer vacations

Buying at least one pair of flat leather women’s sandals in style is a must-have, one of the most necessary summer acquisitions. If you buy two pairs of sandals, you are sure you will not need any other shoes with you on your vacation!
Wherever your dreams lead you to this summer, from the Greek islands to the cosmopolitan cities of Europe or the fabulous places of the East, the Greek leather sandals of the Greek Fashion Box are the perfect holiday sandals that will give you comfort, elegance and style!