Gladiator sandals, Ancient Greek sandals, women’s lace up sandals “Caldera”


Leather sandals with tie-up cords, ancient greek sandals “Caldera”, ankle wrap sandals made by hand in Greece using prime quality leather. The black and white sandals “Caldera”, decorated with lace and beads with stass, are sandals for women who want something unique and sophisticated in their appearance.

Original ancient Greek sandals inspired by the Caldera in Santorini, the gladiator sandals with long cords decorated in black and white, reflect the wild beauty of the Caldera in Santorini with its dark volcanic rocks and the pure light that bathes the small white houses that adorn it like the most expensive jewelry.

“Caldera” women’s sandals are the ideal chic sandals for a luscious summer appearance, either in the beach or the most social event, a unique jewelry on your feet!

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Gladiator Sandals, Ankle wrap sandals, Handmade Ancient Greek Sandals “Caldera”

Ancient Greek sandals, ankle wrap sandals with tie-up cords, handmade sandals by Greek craftsmen that emphasize feminine beauty with charming sandals that flatter your feet.

Leather sandals in natural color, impressive with creative decoration. The Caldera sandals adorned with a white lace in small flowers pattern and black beads with white rhinestones, give unique splendor to your feet. On the back side of the sandal, on the leather piece that cuddles the heel up to the ankle, a flower of gems and rhinestones catches the eye even when you have walked away, and awe and magic surrounds those you have left behind.

Gladiator Sandals “Caldera” from the greek “Santorini” sandals collection – Features

  • Sandals style: Flat sandals, Ankle wrap sandals and tie-up cords.
  • Sandals leather: Vachetta leather, Sole RUBBER
  • Sandal leather color: Natural (the color of vachetta may change from batch to batch, lighter or darker)
  • Lace sandals: Lace in small flowers pattern in white color.
  • Beads sandals: Sandals decorated with black beads with strass in transparent color.
  • Sandalwood cord measures: 5m
  • Sandals collectionSantorini sandals

Greek Leather Sandals, Women’s sandals inspired by the Caldera in Santorini

Greek leather women’s sandals inspired by the enchanting Caldera in Santorini, whose fair beauty has traveled all over the world. CALDERA is the side of Santorini, which is washed by the waters of the volcano, with steep rocks that take colors from the absolute black, if you are in Fira, to the shades of deep red on the side of Oia. It has attracted millions of people with its wild beauty, the picturesque white houses that look like elegant pearls on the dark boulders and the cosmopolitan style, with swimming pools hanging on the edge of the rocks, with the blue color of their water as if it is a part of the deep blue sea, making you feel you taste the salt.

Caldera calls you like a mythical siren, charms you like the enchantress Kirkis. It surrounds you with a natural inscrutable beauty so intense that it causes you emotion and pain, the pain of farewell. Because you can not overcome the caldera, you can not leave it behind. It is a lively painting of unique beauty, a work of such beauty that only a divine hand could have drawn.

When humidity fills the atmosphere, wet clouds surround the volcano, the sky is dressed in blue and gray shades and the islands pop up under a mysterious veil that reminds you of their dramatic history. Your mind can not hold such beauty. The sunset creates multiple layers in the sky and the Caldera shines in awe inspiring heavenly colors.

It is no coincidence that couples from all parts of the world are getting married in the Caldera, wanting to make their dream marriage an unforgettable romantic event in front of the unparallel natural beauty, and live the love and passion that rise from the lava filled island.

Luxury sandals made for alluring women!

The women’s leather sandals with their luxurious beauty, are fatally seductive. With “Caldera” sandals, no one can resist in your wake, your impressive feet, the beauty and the allure of an charming goddess!

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