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Elegant leather sandals, luxurious, charming women's sandals

Leather sandals, the summer sandals that highlight your charm and beauty

Leather women's sandals, Greek handmade sandals made of genuine leather and with elegant, timeless decoration, to always be in style, always be charming. The colors of the sea, the sky, the sun and the earth, the feast of colors of the sunset and the white of the Greek islands that dress the Greek Fashion Box's leather sandals accompany each of your special summer adventures in the city or the countryside in a unique style.

Greek collections of summer sandals for women online

Our sandals can be yours with an online purchase!

Shop sandals online from our collections of Greek leather sandals for women because this summer you want to be different! The handmade women's leather sandals are the flat summer shoes that you will not only wear for comfort, but because they flatter your feet, make them look like a greek statue. Ideal for all hours, Greek Fashion Box sandals add to your clothes just as a jewel would. Wearing our sandals, regardless you just leave your footprints in the sand or stand under the moonlight in the most celebrated social event, the sure thing is that you will charm, conquer, seduce, be the hottest queen of the summer!

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Sandals for ladies "Crete"

Luxury sandals

Luxury leather sandals for women, flat handmade Greek sandals inspired by Crete and the beautiful Minoan queens, that will dress you as a modern princess!

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women's sandals "santorini"

Chic boho sandals

Women's sandals, ancient Greek sandals, handmade luxury sandals, impressive, cosmopolitan sandals, exclusively for women who know how to charm and bewitch men!

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Women's sandals, the absolute fetish of the summer

Handcrafted sandals, chic summer sandals in unique style

We at Greek Fashion Box make the sandals by hand in Athens, using fine materials, classic materials such as genuine prime quality leather, decorate our sandals with modern, fashionable elements so elegant that they do not get lost in time. We like to adorn our sandals with handmade items, embroidery and knitwear such as embroidered ribbons or knitted flowers. Laces, straps, cords, beads and rhinestones that embellish our sandals are carefully selected, of discreet luxury, in a design that emphasizes feminine elegance!

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Ancient Greek sandals, the all day fashion sandals!

Leather sandals in chic design for modern goddesses!

The ancient Greek sandals of Greek Fashion Box are the classic leather sandals that can be worn in the summer by women who want comfort and style in summer shoes. With the luxury and originality of the Greek Fashion Box sandals we make handmade sandals so elegant and unique that embellish all your summer favorite moments!