Many times we see a beautiful pair of sandals or shoes on the internet, and we are having trouble ordering it, fearing it will not fit our feet. So we lose the opportunity to buy the shoes we really like, while wasting time and money to run at the shops to find something that we almost like when we can get the sandals we really want with one click!
So if you follow the instructions regarding the Greek Fashion Box sandals, you will have no doubts and no difficulty choosing not only the right size sandals you will buy, but also the shoes you want.

How do I find what shoe size I am wearing – 3 basic instructions for determining shoe size

1. Measure the size of your foot

Place a white paper on the floor, put on your foot and mark with a pencil. Hold the pen or pencil vertically on the paper and not at an angle. Take the paper and with a ruler measure the mark to find the length of your foot. We always count in centimeters.
Do the same with the other foot because their lengths are not always the same. To properly choose the size of the shoe, always count the length of the longer foot.

Easy to use foot size chart

You can print your own Greek Fashion Box foot measurement chart so you can put your foot up and easily find your size.
Download the size chart

2. Add half centimeter to the length of your foot.

In the centimeters you find for your foot length, add another half centimeter, that is, 0.5 cm.

3. Measure your foot length and order the corresponding sandal size

Once you have found how many centimeters long your foot is, order the corresponding sandals size from the following table:
How do I find what shoe size I am wearing, Measure the size of your foot, how to find my shoe size, How do I choose a size of sandals

Tips to find the right shoe number

I do not measure the length of my foot in the morning because my leg is relaxed, so the measurement will not be accurate. I measure my foot in the afternoon or evening, because the sandals, and generally the shoes I buy, must fit my feet at all times, to be happy to wear them, not to be tormented!
I always take into account the type of sandals I am about to order. For example, I may have sleek feet but thick toes, so I have to think twice about ordering sandals with a toe ring – especially if I have not wore them before – or if I have to order open sandals.
When I measure my feet to buy sandals, I always measure them bare footed. On the contrary, when I’ ‘m about to buy closed shoes, it is a good idea to wear socks or tights, whichever I use more frequently.