11. Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance of the Online Shop greekfashionbox.com


This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Data Policy”) of the eshop greekfashionbox.com, including the Application, is of an informational nature, therefore it is not part of the Obligations of E-Shop Customers and Application (it is not a Contract or Regulation).

All words, phrases and abbreviations appearing on this page starting with a capital letter (Online Store, Application, etc.) should be interpreted in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Online Store, which is available on our eshop greekfashionbox.com, including the Application.

This Data Policy may change from time to time according to legislation or developments in the industry. We will not explicitly notify our customers or our e-shop users of these changes. Instead, we encourage you to occasionally review this page for any changes to this privacy policy. To continue accessing the Online Store greekfashionbox.com even after any changes to the Privacy Policy implies your unconditional acceptance of these terms on your behalf.

Data Security

The protection of your personal data is of paramount important to us. This Data Policy explains what kind of personal data we collect from you through our website and how we use this data. The greekfashionbox.com, in compliance with the personal data protection law, maintains your personal information on a secure central server.

We collect and process your personal data only when absolutely necessary.

We will never sell, rent, distribute, or publicize in any way your personal data.

If you are under 16, you MUST have your parents’ consent before using the services of this site.

The online store greekfashionbox.com is designed to comply with the following laws / regulations regarding the protection of users’ personal data:

– EU Data Protection Directive 1995 (DPD)
– General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

Who are we and how you can contact us

This site is owned by Greek Fashion Box.
You may contact us for any questions or inquiries regarding the collection and use of Personal Data or this Privacy Statement and for the exercise of your rights under the Privacy Policy at the e-mail:info@greekfashionbox.com.

What data we collect and for what purpose

Like all online businesses we also collect data to make our website work more efficiently and to offer you the best experience and all information you are looking for during your visit. Some of these data are provided directly by you, such as when you create a personal account to use our website by filling out the relevant form or contacting us for support or information. With your consent we acquire certain data by recording how you interact with our website, for example, using technologies such as Cookies for which we ask you for your explicit consent upon entering our website for which you can get detailed information here. The data we collect may include your IP address or the browser’s information used during the navigation on our website and the links selected.

Possible reasons for processing Customer’s Personal Data are usually the following:

The conclusion (completion) and implementation of the Sale Agreement or the Service Agreement (Account) or the taking measures at the request of the prospective Customer prior to the conclusion of the Contract (we process your data so that you can enjoy the benefits through your Account such as placing orders without having to fill out all relevant forms every time, accessing your purchase history, managing your consent in the service, etc., and your ability to use other services available on our website).

Concluding and implementing the Sale Agreement or taking action at the request of the prospective Customer prior to its conclusion (your personal data is required for the completion of the order and the performance of the contract – in particular, the confirmation of the submission and the reservation or sending your chosen product, and if necessary, communicating with you for this purpose).

Conducting contests, proclaiming the winners of the contest and attributing the prizes.

The presentation of advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts) on the products or services of the Greek Fashion Box and its affiliates (the current list is part of the Online Store), intended for all recipients, especially for the implementation of the contract for the provision of the Newsletter.

The evaluation and analysis of customer activities and data, included as part of the automated processing of personal data (profile), for the presentation of general advertisements, offers and promotions (discounts) on products or services by the Greek Fashion Box and its associates, so that they are tailored to the customer’s preferences (without, however, significantly affecting his decisions), in particular for the purpose of implementing the Newsletter, as well as statistical analysis and market analysis.

The pursuit of legal claims and defending against claims, including third parties – if you use the most of the function Online Store and Application.

Compliance with legal obligations arising from regulations, e.g. accounting and tax provisions.

Conducting correspondence with customers, including responding to customer messages.

In the case of Adult Customers, with their consent, their personal data may be processed for the purpose of presenting, creating, and applying exclusively targeted advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts) for products and services they themselves their associates have chosen and have been adapted to their preferences (profiles) as a result of automated decisions that may have legal implications or have a significant impact on them, for example through short-term rebates for a specific product, a new delivery at our store (this option is not available to a non-adult or an adult customer that has not consented to this).

Receiving and processing complaints.

What sort of personal information do we use

For the Users of the Online Store or the Application, the Greek Fashion Box can process the following Customer’s Personal Data:

– Personal Data provided by the user when completing the Account creation option, placing an order or holding a product at the Online Store (eg name, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery address (street, home number, apartment number, postcode, city, country), home / work / business address (if different from delivery address), bank account number, and in the case of wholesale customers, along with the company title and tax ID number other data must be inckuded when using the Online Store or the Application.

– Personal Data provided for the use of the Newsletter upon completion of the contact form.

– Personal Data provided when participating in Contests.

– Other data obtained on the basis of the Customer’s online activity in mobile apps including those received through the Online Store, Application, or other communication channels with the Customer through Cookies and related technologies.

When you contact us via email or phone, for example, to request information about services, prices, offers or other material we may ask you your full name, your e-mail address and telephone number or other contact details as well as the content (text) of the e-mail you sent us because this is necessary to communicate with you as you have requested.

If you receive an e-mail from us, you can unsubscribe from our business list by following the relevant delete instructions that are clearly included in each e-mail.

By filling in the data requested by the Lead Facebook Ads form, the User provides the Administrator with the Personal Data mentioned in the relevant form, which may include the name, e-mail address, telephone number. The same applies when filling out correspondance forms in other social media such as Instagram.com and Pinterest.com with which the Greek Fashion Box is affiliated with.

By filling in the data required in the application forms that allow the Administrator to conduct advertising campaigns / contests on his Facebook page, the User provides the Administrator with the Personal Data necessary, including the name, address , e-mail address, phone number, shoe number.

The same applies when filling out correspondance forms in other social media such as Instagram.com and Pinterest.com with which the Greek Fashion Box is affiliated with for promotional and advertizing purposes.

Are you required to provide us with your personal information and what are the possible consequences of your refusal?

The provision of Personal Data by the Customer of the Online Shop is optional, but it is necessary in order to use certain functions of the store, such as placing an Order, concluding and executing the Sale Agreement, creating an Account, concluding and the execution of the Service Agreement, receiving the Newsletter or the use of other forms.

Each time the details required for the conclusion of the relevant contracts are marked at the Online Store, within other channels of communication with the Customer or at the Regulation page. The consequence of non-providing such personal data may result in the failure to effectively perform and complete the aforementioned activities.

Do you share with us your access to your phone when using the Application?

To enable the application’s functionality based on scanning and storing the Product barcodes, viewing product images and storing information that allows the Offline Application to work, searching for partner stores or receiving products at a specified location, the Greek Fashion Box can access, with the consent of the Customer, the following features of the Customer’s mobile device:
Camera, Device Memory & Location

Monitoring site visit

Like most sites, ours uses Google Analytics (GA) to monitor user activity. We use this data to determine the number of people who use our website to better understand how they locate and use our web pages and to see their activity within the site. Although GA records data such as your geographic location, your device, your web browser, and your operating system, none of this information makes you personally known to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address, which could be used to identify you, but Google does not provide access to it. We maintain that Google is a third party data processor that is compliant with the requirements of European legislation.


To collect data through Cookies, we ask for your explicit consent when you enter our website.

Who do Cookies concern?
Because the use of Cookies(or similar to technology functionality Cookies) by greekfashionbox.com results in the collection of information about each person visiting the Online Store and the Application, the following policy provisions apply to all people who use the Online Store and the Application, whether they are Visitors to the Web site or are Customers (ie placing orders, holding products or keeping an account).

What technology do we use?
The Online Store uses technology that accesses information on a computer or other device connected to the Network (specifically using Cookies or similar solutions) in order to ensure that it becomes easier to the user when accessing the Online Store, for statistical purposes, and in order to adapt to the interests of the Visitor the advertising content of the Administrator, his affiliates and advertisers. During the visit to the Online Store and the Application, data about the Visitor’s Internet activity may be automatically collected.
Due to the fact that greekfashionbox.com can use Cookie-like solutions the following policy provisions should be applied according to these technologies.Due to the fact that greekfashionbox.com can use Cookie-like solutions the following policy provisions should be applied according to these technologies.

What Cookies are?
Cookie are information file that are stored in the browser of the operating system you use (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and so on) in the form of a short text, usually consisting of letters and numbers, helping to make our site work more efficiently. Cookies do not cause harm to users’ computers or to files stored on them. The information stored in Cookies is used for identification purposes. So we can operate our website efficiently and track the behavior of visitors to the site. greekfashionbox.com uses Cookies to provide users with information and to process the services provided through the website.

Do Cookies collected contain Personal Data?
When the Visitor uses the Online Store greekfashionbox.com or the Application, Cookies are used to identify the browser or device – they can collect all kinds of information that is normally not a Personal Data (do not allow identification of the visitor). Some information, depending on the content and use, may, however, relate to a particular individual – matching certain behaviors with a particular visitor, e.g. by linking behaviors to the data provided when creating an Account at the Online Store – and thus may be considered as Personal Data.
With regard to the information collected from Cookies that may be associated with a particular individual, the provisions of the Privacy Policy apply, in particular regarding the rights of the collected data subject.

Information about the content and type of information collected by Cookies is also available and easily accessible by the Guest at the first time visit to the Online Store where we ask for your explicit consent when you enter our site.

Why do we use Cookies

The Cookies used are necessary to facilitate the Visitor to use the Online Store and the Application, for example by storing information so that it is not necessary to re-provide it or to adapt the content, including advertising, at his/hers preferences. Cookies are also used to increase the usability and personalization of the E-store and the Application content, including the presentation, creation, performance and implementation of advertisements, special offers or promotions (rebates) addressed to a particular visitor according to his/hers interests (applicable only to adults customers that have consented to the use of Cookies).

By using the Cookies technology at the Online Store the Administrator is aware of the Visitor’s preferences – for example, by analyzing the frequency of his/hers visits to the Online Store greekfashionbox.com. The analysis of the online behavior helps to understand the habits and expectations of the Visitors and to adapt to their needs and interests. Thanks to this technology, visitors can be shown ads that match their needs and interests (for example, an ad resulting from the recent visit only at the “shoes” category) and the preparation of bids and surprises to adult Visitors who have consented to this.

Also based on Cookies, greekfashionbox.com uses such technology that allows mailing promotional messages to Visitors of the Online Store or the Application when using the web pages.

What kind of Cookieswe use and are they harmful or not?
The Cookies used by the greekfashionbox.com are not harmful to the Guest or his/hers computer / terminal device used, so we recommend that you do not disable their use in your browser. The Online Store uses two types of Cookies: “sessional”, that are stored on your computer or mobile device until you disconnect from the Web site or disable the software (browser) and
“permanent”, that remain on the Customer’s device for the time specified by the Cookies parameters or until it is manually deleted from the browser.

How much time is the information gathered from Cookies stored?

Personal Data Collecting Cookies for a Non-Customer Visitor will be retained until the consent is withdrawn. The Greek Fashion Box may delete Personal Data if for 3 years it is not used for promotional purposes unless the law forces the Greek Fashion Box to store Personal Data for longer.
Part of the Personal Data may be stored for a longer period of time, especially if the Visitor has any claims against the The Greek Fashion Box or the The Greek Fashion Box is required to counteract to third party claims against it. This period depends on the period of limitation of the right, as defined by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code. In any case, a longer period of storage of personal data may be necessary.

Cookies used by the Online Store, depending on their purpose, are stored for the duration of the session or for a time period between 1 day up to 365 days.

The Cookies on this site and how to manage them
In order to collect data using Cookies we ask for your explicit consent when you enter our website.
At this site we use Cookies to improve our visitors experience when using the site. Site operation will be significantly affected if you disable or disagree with the use of Cookies.
You can set up your browser to notify you each time a Cookie is about to be stored and you will decide whether to receive it or not. In this case, keep in mind that you may not be able to take full advantage of the site.
Below are information about the third-party Cookies we use on this site, including how to disable them and the effect of disabling on the site’s functionality. If you’d like more information on how to handle certain types of Cookies, including how to check or delete them, please visit www.aboutcookies.org.

Third-party Cookies

href=”https://www.greekfashionbox.com”>greekfashionbox.com and third-party suppliers, including Google, use an original manufactured Cookie (such as the Google Analytics Cookie) and a third-party Cookie (such as the DoubleClick Cookie) to run reports the effectiveness of greekfashionbox.com ads, other uses of advertising services, and the interactions between these ads and the advertising services in relation to visits to greekfashionbox.com.

greekfashionbox.com also works with other companies as part of promotional activities (including advertising) including Google. For the purpose of this cooperation, the browser or other visitor-installed software also stores Cookies from sites carrying out such commercial activities that may become managers of Customer’s personal data. Cookies sent by these companies must ensure that they only present to the visitor those ads that correspond to their individual interests and needs.

In greekfashionbox.com we maintain that the appearance of a personalized ad is more appealing to the visitor than an ad that is unrelated to his needs. Without these records, it would not be possible to do so because companies that work with greekfashionbox.com provide promotional content to Visitors.
In our communication and transactions with Wholesalers (B2B), we require additional corporate information such as company name, tax ID number and other data that will be collected through the use of the Online Store, the Application or by filling the appropriate form or via telephone.

Στην επικοινωνία και στις συναλλαγές μας με Πελάτες Χονδρικής (B2B), μας παρέχονται επιπλέον εταιρικά στοιχεία, όπως η επωνυμία της εταιρείας, ο αριθμός φορολογικού μητρώου (ΑΦΜ) καθώς και άλλα δεδομένα που συγκεντρώνονται κατά τη χρήση του ηλεκτρονικού Καταστήματος, της Εφαρμογής ή μέσω συμπλήρωσης φόρμας ή τηλεφωνικής επικοινωνίας.

As part of promotional activities, greekfashionbox.com uses the following companies that use Cookies in the Online Store:

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkwise.
greekfashionbox.com has no control over these third party Cookies. More information about the Cookies and the listed companies that use them can be found in their privacy policies.

Cookies from video service providers (Google, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.)
These providers may place Cookies on your device if you watch on our site videos that are provided as an external service.
If you disable these Cookies you may not be able to see the embedded videos on our site.

Cookies from social networks
Third-party social networks can place Cookies on your device if you choose to share material from our site with them by clicking on one of the embedded buttons named “Share”.
If you disable these Cookies, the “Share” function will not be available.

What rights do you have in your data

Right of access: By entering a password in your account, you have access to all personal information you have given us (profile) and the details of your account’s activity.

Right to rectification: You have the right to request without undue delay the correction of inaccurate personal data concerning you or the filling of incomplete personal data, which can also be done by a supplementary statement.

Right of Exporting Data: If you have an account at greekfashionbox.com you can request to receive an export file of the personal data that is kept in your account by filling out the Export Personal Data form in your account management table. An e-mail will be then sent to you with the file data stored on our website.

Right to erase data: If you have an account at greekfashionbox.com you can request to receive an export file of your personal data stored in your account by filling out the Erase Personal Data form in your account’s administration panel. The file will then be sent to you via e-mail with confirmation of your deletion. This process does not include data that we are required to store to for business, legal or security reasons.

Transferring data to third parties

We do not sell or rent the personal data of our users or our Customers. We share information about you under the limited circumstances described below and with the appropriate safeguards for your privacy:

The list of recipients of the Personal Data processed by the Greek Fashion Box derives mainly by the scope of services provided to the Customer.

The list of recipients of the data also contains recipients by customer consent or by law, and is then finalized by the Online Store or the Application.

In the unlikely event that the business is terminated, sold or bankrupt, the user information will likely be among the assets transferred or acquired by third parties. If any of these events occur, this Data Policy will continue to apply to your information and the receiving party may continue to use your information but only under the provisions of this Data Policy.

With your consent, as part of promotional – advertising activities, the Greek Fashion Box uses third – party Cookie services at the Online Store / Application. All third parties are listed in detail in the following sections of this Policy.

Transferring data to third countries (non-EU)

Since greekfashionbox.com implements such tools that support its current activity, for example from Google, Customer Personal Data may be transferred to a country outside the EU, mainly in the U.S. or another country where a partner company / provider affiliated with the Greek Fashion Box maintains processing tools of Personal Data in conjunction with greekfashionbox.com.

How long do we store Personal Data?

Your Personal Data will be retained for as long as it is required for the particular business purpose or for the purposes for which it was collected.

How do we secure your Personal Data

Our business, taking into account the scope, context and purposes of Personal Data processing, as well as the risks of differing likelihood of occurrence and seriousness for the rights and freedoms of individuals from processing, effectively applies both at the time of setting the processing tools and when processing the Personal Data appropriate technical and administrative measures in order to meet the requirements of the law and to protect the rights of our customers in accordance with our business security policy.

greekfashionbox.com provides, for example, the following technical measures to prevent unauthorized access and modification of Personal Data sent electronically:
Ensuring the data set from unauthorized access.
All web traffic (file transfer) between this site and your browser is encrypted and transferred via the HTTPS protocol using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
Encrypted data is used to authorize a person who uses the features of the e-shop.
Κρυπτογράφηση δεδομένων που χρησιμοποιούνται για την εξουσιοδότηση ενός ατόμου που χρησιμοποιεί τις λειτουργίες του ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος.
Access to the Account is possible only after providing an individual login and password.

Our third-party data processors
We use a number of third parties to process personal data for us. These companies have been carefully selected to comply with the legislation mentioned in this document.

Data violations:For any personal information you store in our database all necessary steps will be taken to ensure its security.

We will report any unlawful violation of the database on this site or the database of any third party data processor to anyone and to all relevant stakeholders as well as the authorities within 72 hours of the violation if it is obvious that personal data that is stored in recognizable form have been stolen.

Links to other sites

greekfashionbox.com may contain links to other sites. We suggest that you read the terms and privacy policies used on these sites. This Data Policy applies only to the activities of greekfashionbox.com that are indicated.

What happens when we change this protection statement?

We may update this statement from time to time for any reason. We will notify you of the changes to it by posting the new statement here or if the changes to the statement refer to the information we collect from you by posting a noticeable notice on our site or if necessary by sending an e-mail to our address you have declared before applying these changes.
If necessary we will ask you to resubmit your consent.