Toe ring sandals, Beaded sandals, decorated with knitted flowers “Ariadne”

Leather sandals, toe ring sandals, slide sandals, inspired by the mythical Princess Ariadne. Sandals decorated with cords in the shades of ivory, chocolate and pale gold, adorned with handmade knitted flowers and beautiful ceramic stones.

The handknitted little flower that adorns the toe ring of sandal, decorated with a large bead in the color of the open sea and a small bead in gold, impresses and steals the show on every movement of your feet!

Ariadne handmade sandals, crafted with traditional materials, designed in a contemporary design, are the sandals that underline the ultimate femininity!

Hand made upon request – Ready for shipment in 5-7 business days

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Handmade women’s sandals, decorated greek sandals “Ariadne”

Greek sandals “Ariadne” are leather sandals with toe ring, trimmed with cords, beads and knitted flowers. Ladies sandals “Ariadne” are made by hand upon request. The decoration of the sandals with hand-woven flowers, embellished with ceramic beads, and braided laces in matte and shiny colors, create an impressive and elegant synthesis.

“Ariadne” handmade sandals, with braided cords, the hand knitted flowers, decorated with impressive beads, catch the eye!

Leather sandals, flat and comfortable, sandals for women “Ariadne” are ideal for all hours. You will enjoy wearing them every hour and everywhere. These are sandals that blend nicely with all your clothes, from a jeans shorts to a long dress, adding style to whatever you wear. On the beach or in the city, with Ariadne sandals, you will look always elegant!

Women’s Sandals “Ariadne” from “Crete” sandals collection – Features

  • Sandals style: Slide sandals, Toe Ring Sandals
  • Sandals leather: Vachetta leather, Sole RUBBER
  • Sandal leather color: Natural (the color of vachetta may change from batch to batch, lighter or darker)
  • Sandal decoration: Sandals decorated with braided laces adorned with beads and handknitted flower.
  • Toe ring decoration: The toe ring is decorated with a hand knitted flower in chocolate coffee, with a large blue bead and a smaller golden bead.
  • Cords of sandals: High quality cords, flat, colored stripe in sandy color, round ivory white cord, and cord in light gold and chocolate brown.
  • Decorative beads: All beads that decorate the sandals are ceramic, in shades of blue and in the color of the earth.
  • Knitted handmade flowers: You can choose the flowers of sandals between chocolate brown or bi-colored in chocolate brown and beige.
  • Sandals collectionCrete sandals

Greek chic sandals inspired by the Minoan princess Ariadne

The leather women’s sandals from our collection Crete are inspired by the mythical Princess Ariadne, daughter of king Minoas of Crete.

ARIADNE fell passionately in love with Theseus, king of Athens, who arrived in Crete, pretending to be a willing victim to the monster Minotaur, but in truth aspiring to kill it. Ariadne, trying to help him find his way through the labyrinth, gave him a thread and he advised him to tie one end at the entrance of the maze and reel it off as he walked into so that he could, after he had killed the Minotaur, find the exit. Theseus actually killed the monster with his sword and using the tread of Ariadne, he managed to get out of the Labyrinth and return to Athens.

Ariadne was not meant to marry Theseus but instead god Dionysus in Naxos where he lived with him. Ariadne was worshiped as an Aegean deity on many islands, like Crete, Naxos, Delos, Cyprus, but also in Attica and Peloponnese.

Sandals with all the femininity and finesse of a mythical princess

Greek Fashion Box “Ariadne” women’s sandals are made for trendy women who want to exude mystery and everlasting charm. summer sandals made for women who know how to combine the old with the new, wanting something unique in their appearance, just as only handmade shoes can offer. For dynamic, risk taking women, but still feminine and elegant, like contemporary mythical princesses!

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